watch the world around fly by us

...and here we go there's nothing left to lose

little miss sunshine
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push the pedal down.
watch the world around fly by us.

here we go.
there's nothing left to lose.

the perfect ones. the beautiful ones. the right ones. the just ones. the noble ones. the ones who never break down crying in restaurants, who never do anything in secret that they would be ashamed of. the normal ones. the healthy ones. the ones who always plan ahead. the content ones. the happy ones. the ones who work hard and reap the benefits, who brush and floss after every single meal. the well-adjusted ones. the popular ones. the ones who never disappoint, the little boys who do grow up to be president. the lucky ones. the ones with perfect skin and perfect teeth and perfect figures. the ones who want what they have and have what they want. they don't exist. the ones posing as them are even more fucked up than you.